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Impaired driving can be an indicator that a person is at risk of developing a dependence on substances. Our DUI programs are designed around ASAM 0.5 Early Intervention guidlines. These Programs include counselor-client video conferencing for assessments and monitored mutimedia education. They are customized to fit each states' legal requirements.

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Workers in critical occupations can't show up with signs and symptoms of using substances. Not only do they endanger the people they serve but also face losing their careers. Studies have shown that these workers are more honest and open to an online Program.

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What do you do with a juvenile offender? How do you know they might be experimenting? Substance abuse can start with peer pressure and family issues.

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For many people in America Spanish is their first language. And their are cultural issues that impede getting help for those at risk.

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Problem gambling is an addiction that can financially ruin people. It is often associated with other behavioral health issues.

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